Deep within the Carpathian Mountains rests the quaint little mining town of Cavnic, Romania. From the late 80s to the closing of the Mine in 2004, hundreds of miners died from Black Lung leaving over 600 widows fighting for survival & everyday needs in this town of less than 6000 people. With over 10% of the town’s population being widowed, there is an overwhelming need for help and support. Due to the closing of the mine, the men who survived were forced to leave their families to work in other parts of the country to make ends meet. This resulted in many abandoned children and mothers looking for help, which forced widows to become the sole provider for their daughters and grandchildren, making it even harder for the widows to survive. On a fixed income of less than a $100 a month and a 6-month long winter without no central heating, the chances of survival are very slim. Widows & Orphans Project is committed to seeing every widow in Cavnic, provided with food & firewood on a monthly basis. The cost is around $40 to provide food and firewood per widow for an entire month. Our goal is by the summer of 2016 to have raised these funds and awareness, to help these widows live a longer more comfortable life.




Just two hours outside of Oradea, Romania, rests a predominantly Gypsy town named Tinca. This town in particular has fought desperately to prevent the overwhelming amount of Gypsy babies abandoned at birth, and is slowly winning the fight with the help of a small group of dedicated doctors, teachers, and passionate men & woman who are committed to seeing every child with food, water, and education. After seeing the extreme need, Widows & Orphans Project joined a Humanitas, a Northern European Organization who was funding and leading this project to help raise funding and a international awareness of this incredible project. The task at hand is great, and the need is even greater, but we believe that every bit of support can give this amazing group of humanitarians the resources needed to continue their incredible work. Donations given towards this project goes towards food, clothing, education, and extra curricular activities for these precious children. Join the Widows & Orphans Project team and help us continue to help the children of Tinca, Romania, have a childhood they deserve.



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